Listen Up!

A college student who is preparing to graduate this Fall recently asked me what is the most important skill she can have entering into the world of Production.  She went on to tell me that she has been on a couple of shoots and has really been working a lot with various edit suites and feels she is ready to get her career started ASAP.  After another 15 minutes of telling me everything that she has been doing inside and outside of the classroom she asked me again what I thought potential employers were looking for.  I smiled and just said to be truly successful in this industry one of the most important assets you can have is to listen.  It holds true.  You cannot create or deliver a successful project for any client no matter what you are doing without listening to the person you are working for.  Top agencies and companies know this.  So often we become so excited about throwing out our ideas and forget to just sit tight on that conference call, or while meeting face to face to hear what the client says.  Not delivering what your client expects is a sure fire way to not gain their trust or future business.