Reinvent Yourself Every So Often

Someone once said you can count on two things in life....change and death.  While the latter is obvious and a bit morbid.  Change is something that consistently happens around each one of us.  Sometimes for the good....and sometimes not so much.  With any career you can almost always count on it.  Moving to a new floor within your company, to a promotion, or even an industry shift are all significant changes.  Change can lead to wonderful, scary, sad, adrenaline pumping outcomes.  A career is like a have to keep it fresh.  It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and just settle.  Don't settle.  EVER!!  Consistently or at least every so often find something that you enjoy doing within your career or outside of it and learn something new. Sometimes that new hobby becomes a skill which can translate into an asset for your team, or for yourself down the road.   Sometimes those skills can earn you extra income, be cause for a promotion, or lead you to another career path, or job altogether.  So keep it fresh, learn as much as you can while you can, and never be afraid to apply your passions into what you do.