Say Whaaaaaaa?

Voice over or VO is truly one of the greatest careers one can have.  I started my VO path 9 years ago, and every time I get a call for a voice over session it makes me giddy….no joke.  Being able to take copy that someone has created for a brand or a message and giving that radio spot, tv commercial, digital video, or agency pitch it's extra life is truly rewarding.  I've been fortunate to work with some really great clients.  On the flip side I've also had the pleasure to record some of the greatest talents in animation, film, and even the VO maestro himself Don LaFontaine.  Today pg productions has a VO rig to record raw files that can be delivered via FTP, or if you wish for me to go into a studio I can do that too.  Often people tell me their voice could never lend to doing VO.  My theory on that is everyone has a voice and that voice fits somewhere with some company, film, commercial etc….Look at Gilbert Gottfried.  He has one of the most recognizable voices in the industry.  Has been on hundreds of commercials and this is because his voice stands out.  It's not polished, not sweet, but gruff.  So remember don't let anyone ever tell you your voice could never used in VO.  Just ask Gilbert.