Know When to Hold em...Know When to Talk Away.

Anybody who freelances can tell you it is one of the most frustrating, scary, and sometimes one of the most relentless work experiences one can ever imagine.  With that is also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling careers you can EVER have.  As with any job balance is SO important.  Especially with the fast paced, hectic schedules that employees have today.  Finding that "Work - Life Balance" is more important than ever.  Often times as employees or employers there is that unspoken need or feeling you have to fill a seat in an office, be online 24/7, or respond to a work text after hours within minutes of receiving.  It's very true that companies that succeed will push employees and teams to give it their all, but they also respect people to have lives outside the M-F or weekends.  No company is ever perfect.  Like people they all have their flaws, and people regardless of the industry will look to other companies with the "grass is greener" outlook.  Sometimes it is in certain areas, but in all fairness a perfect company would be boring.  Chatting with multiple independent peers in the  industry I hear a lot of the same conversations with people who are not happy with a reduced rate they agreed upon just to get the job, work hours are way longer than expected with no compensation.  Many of the same issues that full-time employees have with their day to day, freelancers, independent companies or contractors have just in different capacities.  Communication is key to everything.  If you're not happy with a workload go to your point person and discuss it.  Working crazy hours way above what you feel you signed on for?  Again, go and talk to your hiring Manager.  They may not be able to do anything, but if you constructively have a conversation with the person you need to speak with it will most certainly not only help you stand up for yourself, but help the company understand what they can do now or on a future project to help fix this kink in the system.  More than likely you will get a lot more respect for being honest and bringing solutions to the table as opposed to just presenting problems.